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Wave Power Only

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Wave Power Only (WPO) is a unit that allows to transform water wave movement directly into rotation movement for operation of various mechanical devices or electricity production. One king of this transformation is patented invention of Rims Vaitkus.

 The inventors of the Wave Power Only have been experimenting with models for the last 14 years with good results. The first of these Models consist of a floating system which transfers wave energy directly to electricity, model pumps, model boats (for propulsion) and recently a floating power station all using clean natural wave energy.

The prototype Floating Island  is a typical example of what WPO system can do. On March 6th, 2002 a floating power station measuring 4 mtrs x 4 mtrs and had 32 small pumps was designed to pump salt water at a pressure of 25 bars. That means from the sea level water can be pumped through pipe work 250 meters high: i.e. higher than Heops pyramid in Egypt about 2 times.

Futuristic developments

If you have purchased the property of the floating island "WPO" (Wave Power Only)  20 X 20 meters large, then you have your own electricity from marine wave motion.

If you have electricity, then the first thing you do - get drinking water from sea water to distilling.

If you have a drinking water, you don’t die of thirst.

If you have drinking water on a floating island "WPO", you can grow in your garden variety of foods - tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, peppers, etc. So you have your own food and you can eat!

If you have electricity on your floating islands "WPO", you can charge your mobile phone and you have connections with friends around the World.

If you have electricity on your floating islands "WPO", you can work on your personal computer and perform various operations on the Internet. 

If you have electricity on your floating islands "WPO", you can recharge the big batteries that are powered large electric motor which rotates the propeller’s and floating islands can move from one place to another place.

There is one problem! You have to find a fishing rod, with which you can catch big fish because you have an electric stove, on which the fish can fry.

After a good lunch, you can lie down on an island deck near the pool and to consider extending invitations to your friends.

Using the possibility "WPO" to move the island, you can float  too a wharf or pier and use retractable ladder. Meanwhile, you can drive on the mainland with your car, which is fixed to the island, in the shade. By land you can go to your friends.

Such a rethinking your plans for the future, you'll find that you are absolutely independent on your island "WPO”. You are here in the place on Earth where there are no taxes to pay!


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The platform was designed to use the available water volume to turn a wheel to produce a amount of electricity from a small generator and shoot a spout of water into the air. The pumps began to operate at a wave height of 5 centimetres. Larger floating power stations with larger pumps would be able to pump fluids/air at 800 bars or more and the system is versatile as to volume of fluids to pressure ratio and also create electricity for the clients’ needs. Submersible cables/pipes can be used to supply the electrical power/liquids or air to the land.

Lifeboat, which can also be adapted to be used as a Pleasure Boat with inside electrical supply.

The WPO is versatile in the amount of electricity production and can cater for any needs. The same system can be used for the pumping of liquids/air/hydraulic fluids. One WPO unit using a 25 cm high wave will produce 5 bar – 5 Kg/cm2 at 1.5 Litres per second which are common all year round. The Bar or Volume can be regulated according to requirements and if greater volume is needed one only needs to add more WPO units.  The units can be installed in any location either Cliff or Shore Line near to a body of water. This system does not need to occupy valuable land space. It can occupy a length of unused cliff or coastline or any other uninhabitable areas and can be camouflaged. The raising and lowering of tidal move moments doesn’t affect the WPO system.

Because it works through wave power these fountains are not expensive to run. The only cost is the system and the fountains – a one off investment with no expensive electric bills.

Lifeboat, which can also be adapted to be used as a Pleasure Boat with inside electrical supply.

 The competitive advantages

WPO consists of separate motion units that can be installed unlimited along the coastline on artificial concrete foundations or floating platform.  It operates with waves starting from 5 cm and is not limited by altitude of waves.

 It works in saltwater as well as in freshwater. WPO not uses oils or chemicals, only water or air pressure.

 With the ever-rising pollution problem, electricity costs and fresh water availability we are coming up with the WPO system to:

·         Solve part of the pollution problem on how to create free Renewable Energy

·         Produce cheap electricity or other energy type for many consumer uses

·         Produce Fresh Drinking Water for various consumption purposes

·         By pressure of sea water is delivered to the rooftop swimming pool of high-rise hotel's. The sea water from this swimming pool can be used for toilets, to wash down the toilet not by drinking water.

Drinking water of the Sun "SEWPO"

         Using a floating platform "WPO" and the parabolic mirror can get drinking water from sea water without the use of electricity.This patented invention called "SEWPO".The floating platform WPO pumped seawater using only water wave power.
Through a flexible cord seawater flowing in to water reservoir.From the tank the sea water to flow to the evaporator.With the help of a parabolic mirror solar thermal energy is focused on a vaporizer.Sea water boils inside in the evaporator (SEWPO).Water vapor from the evaporator through the wire flow  into the steam stills.Here, the water vapor condenses in to drinking water.This whole system works without electricity.This is a completely new way to separate the salt from sea water without electricity.Such devices can be mobile and used in areas without access to electricity such as uninhabited island. They can be used for individual users and the company.


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